Songs We Finished Before
We Finished The Other Songs
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Songs We Finished Before
We Finished The Other Songs
Medical Records MRCD 1060.2
All selections produced, recorded and mixed
by John and Cathren.
at Unmitigated Audacity, Warwick RI,
between January 1990 and November 1991.
Hide was mixed by Karl Rasmussen.
Barry helped mix Circle.
Cover designed by John Hunter Housley.
Cover photo was taken by Alan W. Bean.
All selections © 1992 Medical Records
® 1992 Roud & Crear Publishing Company– BMI
For more information on how to obtain
other Kimo Sabe merchandise / special products,
send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:
Medical Records
1400 S. Broadway
East Providence, RI 02914
Every man walking into the bar looked like the voices that called her on the phone. They surrupticiously combed their hair as they walked, sneaking looks around to see if anyone was watching. They wore polyester shirts with bad disco prints and trousers with the front pleats ironed in. They looked like men who had to pay for sex. They looked like they couldn’t afford it..
It was still early. She could get sick or something, be rushed off to the hospital with awful stomach pains and cheese-green skin. She had the stomach. What was she waiting for? The ambulance?
God, she thought. This is what hell will be like. Waiting to go on stage...forever.
Something in her stomach seemed to want out real bad. It wasn’t going to wait and take GI 95. It felt like it was going to burst out through her navel, like the newborn creature in Alien.
Who were these people and why were they looking at her so strangely? Maybe it was the color of her face, kind of cheese-green.
The rest of the guys in the parking lot were standing around waiting for cars to park. They were all dark-skinned, with slicked back hair and what appeared to be knives sticking out of their rear-end pockets. In fact, the knives were combs. In fact, they all looked the same because there was only one guy. She was seeing quadruple.
(John found this little story scribbled on the back of an envelope in Cathren’s pocket after a show at the Last Call Saloon. She doesn’t remember ever seeing it.)
1  MEET YOU TONIGHT  4:17 2  SO ANIMAL  3:43 3  SNAKE EYES  3:07 4  CELTIC MELT  2:59 5  CIRCLE  3:45 6  HIDE  3:00 7  WISH YOU WERE HERE  3:51 8  SASKATCHEWAN WALTZ  3:51